Friday, March 2, 2012

Sugar Plum Bazaar

So, Sugar Plum Bazaar is coming up next weekend, so I've been busy making buttons and long copper chains! THE ABSOLUTE COOLEST MOUNTAIN LOVE YET!! :)

Here's a sneak peak...shhh...

Are these not so fun!?!? Made from a repurposed Anthropologie Tee

You can't turn down an owl, especially these. They almost look ceramic in the necklace.

Mmm hmmm.. You must have these new buttons. That's for sure.

one last look for ya'll :)
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Sugar Plum Bazzar is an ABSOLUTE must! Come see me there and many other very talented artists!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

We had some cool cats come visit from Michigan. The snow stared dumping the day they left of course, but we had fun nonetheless. Some skiing, hot springs, good food and drinks and a little Just Dance. Can't complain.. Here are some recaps.

Apres ski at Snowmass Mountain

Waiting to get in the Gondola at the mall!

It was REALLY windy, can you tell?

On the deck at pretty!!!

Matt's hat/face mask and our entertainment!! :)

Can't complain! What a life! :)