Saturday, February 18, 2012

DIY Bookmarks

This idea was actually original. Hard to believe with my long list of pinterest ideas to try!

So easy and so fun!
I also made these bookmarks for my kids in my class for Valentine's day, but they can be used for any occasion. I got the idea because February is "I Love to Read" Month and I was on a no sugar kick.

First, I took the pics on my Iphone using Pocketbooth. Super easy and fun to use. I emailed them to myself and printed them off the computer.

Then, I backed them with some old scrapbook paper for durability and color :) I laminated them at school but you could always take them to Kinkos or something. I backed them with some old scrapbook paper.

Before I laminated, I put a Valentine's day note on the back. Some of the paper was double sided, so some bookmarks had a fun print on the back. It definitely added a fun touch.

Lastly, I punched a whole in the top and added some ribbon to the top. Most of them had different ribbon types and lengths. The kids loved them! Easy, cheap, perfect combo.


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